How to play?

Realise your DREAMS with Playtodo! Do things in real life – and get RECOGNITION! Earn points (exp) and badges for accepting and completing challenges!

After selecting a challenge, just complete all the ToDo’s listed under the challenge. Complete a ToDo by assigning it to yourself. Assign ToDo’s to your friends too – so you can accept and complete challenges together!

Share your achievements so that EVERYBODY knows how GOOD you are!!! Comment on your own and other posts, so you can GIVE and get GREAT positive feedback by commenting on your own and other posts!

And hey, if any post seems out of line – hostile, mean or somehow inappropriate  – report abuse by pressing X and completing the form. Inappropriate answers can also be flagged – repeat offenders will be ZAPPED from the system and lost into CYBERSPACE.


No challenges here that take your fancy?

Well for sure you have DREAMS to achieve – and IDEAS how to achieve those dreams!

So CREATE your own ToDo, assign it to yourself or your friends, share, and get FEEDBACK!

Don’t want the world to know? Ok, you can make a private ToDo – for your eyes only!

So – what are you waiting for ??!! Let’s play!

Click all challenges to get your list of challenges NOW!

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